Here are a number of ways to help you decide on a painting company name:

 (if you are looking for painting name ideas- Painting Name Ideas)

-Create a Business Plan:  After creating a business plan that includes the present and future goals for your painting business, you may have a better time deciding on a name.

-Find Out if Your Business Name is Already Taken: Check with your government agency to see if your business name is already registered.

-Highlight a Specialty in Your Name:  For example, if you want to specialize in painting interiors, you may want to feature the word “interior” somehow in your business name.  “Wayne’s Interior Painting” or “Quality Interior Painting”.  When people see your business name, there will be no doubt that not only are you a painter, but that you specialize in interiors.

-Choose a More General Name:  You might not want to limit yourself to just painting.  Perhaps you want to include drywall repairs, window installation, etc.  You could choose a more general business name such as “Elite Home Services” or “Hanson Contracting”.

-Target a Particular Audience: If you are in a lower income area, a name such as “Affordable Painting” might be a good choice.   If you are in a higher  income area, you may wish to choose a name that indicates prestige or quality such as “Prestige Painting”.

Use Your Own Name:    Using your own name can add a personal touch that will appeal to many customers.  “Jim’s House Painting” or “Walsh Commercial Painting”  Using your own name may not be a good choice if you think you may want to sell the company down the road.

-Feature a Catchy Slogan:  You can also choose a more basic business name and focus on a catchy slogan to attract customers.  Something like, “Your Home Painting Expert” or “Ft. Worth’s Painting Pro” could be a tagline under your painting business name.   You can see how having “John’s Home Services– “Ft. Worth’s Painting Pro” on your business card, advertisement, or on the side of your painting vehicle could attract more attention than just “John’s Home Services”.

-Start at the Front of the Alphabet:  One technique some like to use is to choose a name that will show up at the beginning of an alphabetical business listing.  Examples for this would be “Affordable Painting” or “ABC Painting”.

-Choose a Name That is Short and Easy to Remember:  A long name, or a name with a difficult spelling will make it hard for potential customers to remember your painting business name.

– Select a Good Web Address to Go With Your Business Name:   While it would be great to have your business name as the actual web address (ex. “”), it isn’t always possible.  Other options could be “Walsh Painting”, or some other variation not even including your name such as “”.  You could even choose a web address that reflects your specialty such as “”.  The key with choosing a website name is to keep it easy to remember and easy to spell, even if it is longer.  Most people will do an internet search for your business and click on a link rather than typing in a long web address.  If your website is set up properly, customers will have no problem finding you, no matter what the web address is.  See if your domain name is available.