painting license contractor registration

Painting Contractor License Registration

Painting Contractor Registration

State-by-State Painting License Requirements

Many states in the United States require home improvement contractors, including painters, to register with their state.  Not all states require contractor registration.  The states that have specific requirements often also have required fees.  Some registration fees may need to be renewed annually, while other may have a longer term.

Many states require the contractor to have liability insurance in order to complete the registration process.  Some states give homeowners the ability to search for contractors to see if they are registered with their state, and properly insured.

Below you will find links to each state’s home improvement contractor registration pages.  Laws change regularly, but as of the publishing of this page, not every state requires painting companies to register or be licensed.  Also, some states only require painters to register based upon job costs or other criteria.

In order to be legally operating a roofing company, make sure you are following the contractor registration and licensing requirements in your state.

State-by-State Painting Contractor License and Registration Links

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