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Painting Contractor License Registration

Painting Contractor Registration State-by-State Painting License Requirements Many states in the United States require home improvement contractors, including painters, to register with their state.  Not all states require contractor registration.  The states that have specific requirements often also have required fees.  Some registration fees may need to be renewed annually, while other may have a longer term. Many …

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painting business structure

Painting Business Structure – Choosing a Business Entity For a Painting Company

Choosing A Business Structure For Your Painting Business When starting a new painting business, one of the first steps to take, often before even choosing a name, is selecting a business structure.  The four basics business entities most commonly used are sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC (Limited Liability Company), and Corporation.  If you have already worked through a business …

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How To Start A Painting Business

How To Start a Painting Business A painting business is relatively simple to start, compared to other home improvement companies.  While good painting skills are necessary, along with key business skills, equipment costs are somewhat minimal.  Most of what makes up running a successful painting business will have to do with business savvy and people …

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